Diamond Cut in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is known for its large and beautiful scenery where the people adapt to the luxurious side of the state. One of which is their interest in diamonds. So, if you are interested in buying a diamond but you don’t have no idea how to pick the best one, then you are on the right track. Read through as I guide you on how to pick the best diamond.


What is a Diamond Cut?

The diamond cut is responsible for the overall quality and the price of the diamond. When you buy a diamond, you can see the rating of the diamond cut in the diamond certificate. Diamonds with a better cut grade are expected to be pricier.


The diamond cut has much more complexity compared to the other three criteria of the 4Cs such as the clarity, carat weight, and color. Furthermore, the methods in determining the cut of a diamond rating can vary from one method to another. Some of the certificates do not have much detailed information like the criteria used in grading the cut of the diamond.


In general, the grading system of a diamond cut refers to its light performance. What does this mean? When the light and reflection enter the diamond, they retain inside the diamond. A diamond with a great cut will have a high reflective and will showcase a lot of sparkle. On the other hand, diamonds with a shallow or deep cut of a diamond will have a leaking side and bottom, which makes them a less favorable cutting grade. For amazing information on this topic, please visit yourdiamondteacher.com


How are the diamond cut grades assigned?


When it comes to the cutting grade of the diamond, the shape of the diamond will make a total difference because the methods in grading a diamond cut in a round diamond are not the same in grading a heart-shaped diamond cut.


One factor that affects the cut grade of a round diamond is the number of facets. Facets are the flat and the defined areas on the surface of the diamond. An ideal round diamond has 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion. 


Which diamond cut grade represents the best value?

It depends on your budget. For Minnesota buyers, the diamond sellers will highly recommend diamonds with the highest cut grades. Since it could be very challenging in gauging the precise difference in price, the other three Cs of the diamond will play important roles too.


Diamonds with a very good diamond cut grades are the ideal diamond for casual buyers and financially savvy investors. They represent excellent value and have a minimal visible difference when it comes to its quality.


So, feel free to use your judgment. For instance, you come across a diamond with an ideal or excellent cut rating that also has good ratings in the other categories and is still within your budget, then consider buying that diamond. Always remember to buy from a reputable diamond seller.…

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Diamond Color

Colorless diamonds are diamonds that have a color grade of D, E, and F. The diamonds, when set, reflects the color of the metal. So, set the colorless diamonds in a white gold or platinum. Never set a colorless diamond in yellow gold color as it is a waste of money. Why? Setting a colorless diamond to a yellow gold will make the diamond turn into a yellow gold color.


The “almost colorless” diamonds have a color grade of G, H, I or J. They are the ideal color grades to set in white gold/yellow gold, and platinum. These color grades represent a great balance between value and quality. Most of the diamonds are of G or H color that offer the quality and value.

Each diamond is unique, which means that there is always a diamond for a specific budget. You can get a high-quality diamond for a higher budget. You can get a diamond that has a combination of excellent value and quality for a good budget. You can get a diamond with a good value and quality for a reasonable budget.


  • The highest quality diamonds have the color grade of D, E, or F. They are flawless (FL), and internally flawless (IF). They have a clarity grade of a very, very slightly included 1 (VSS1), and very, very slightly included 2 (VVS2). Furthermore, they have a table percentage and a deep percentage of 53 and 57 and 60.1 and 62.8.

  • The diamonds that have the color grade of G or H are diamonds with quality and value. They have a clarity grade of a very slightly included 1 (CS1) and very slightly included 2 (CS2). Furthermore, they have a table percentage of 52 and 60, and a deep percentage of 58.5 and 64.


Always remember the use of abbreviations and characteristics in describing the diamond. The abbreviations might confuse you sometimes. Always read the certificate as your guide on the process of the diamond cut. Having a great understanding of each character allows you to know if a skilled jeweler was the one who cut the diamond. Furthermore, keep in mind that the carat size of the diamond only affects the price of the diamond and not the quality of it. So, ensure that you have a depth understanding of the diamonds during your purchase.…

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How to choose genuine Rolex watches?

Rolex watches are the classy wrist pieces of the era and they are very much expensive in cost. If you go through the latest watch review of 2017 then you will come to know that these watches have occupied the topmost position in the list. But you should acquire only authentic pieces of Rolex watches.

There are many unauthentic watch dealers who are selling fake Rolex-watches and you should stay away from them. Furthermore, there are some most common strategies that can enable you in choosing the authentic models without having any confusion in the mind. Rolex features are quite unique as they do not match with any other luxurious brands. One of which is the gray Rolex watches.


Best tips for getting authentic Rolex-watches

  • Sapphire crystal of the Rolex watches should bear laser-etched coronet. This coronet is found close to the position of 6 in the watch. Though you might not get this specific security-feature with earlier models but all current models have got the same. This marking can be clearly visible and you can definitely consider it as one of the most highlighting authenticity features.
  • Green-colored hologram-sticker over the brand can be one of the idealist features. The sticker contains ROLEX name along with a reference number which is printed with black color. The sticker should be kept for long so that authenticity verification can be easily done.
  • Case-back of the watch should be carefully observed in this regard. Current models do not have transparent case-backs and thus this point can be definitely considered for verification purpose. There are few rare and obsolete Rolex models that have transparent backs, but they are not prevalent currently.
  • Case-backs of Rolex remain free from any engravings and this is one of the best marks of recognition. Though few exceptions are found like Sea-dweller watch, lady’s Rolex-watch and others. But these models are not that much in use and thus you can surely consider this point.
  • Reference numbers should be smoothly engraved over watch-case and you can feel the same when you touch them. Finest precision oriented engraving technique is being used in this case by the expert watchmakers.
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