If you love to wear fashionable and luxurious watches, then nothing can be the best option other than Rolex watches. Rolex models are suitable for the wrists of both women and men. These watches can be now treated as one of the most expensive gifts of the era as per latest watch review online.

If you want to win the hearts of your loved ones, then you can plan for gifting these watches. These watches have got European base, and the oldest models are simply awesome and classy in design. Senior fellows often intend to collect the oldest Rolex models for satisfying their passion.

Best tips for finding out Rolex age

  • It is now pretty easier to find out the exact age of any Rolex watch, and in this respect, you have to follow few tricky ways. Some of the best tricky strategies are as follows:
  • Band-bracelet of Rolex watches should be removed carefully from the position of twelve o-clocks for checking out both model and serial numbers. These numbers will tell you about the accurate watch-age. You will also be able to track the oldest series with these numbers. Production or manufacturing year can also be efficiently detected by detecting these two numbers.
  • The manual-guide is one of the most useful sources that can help you in knowing the watch’s age. Within the guide not only the watch specifications are mentioned, but the series or model numbers are also mentioned clearly. Production year along with serial number can also be detected from the manual.
  • An authorized dealer of Rolex watches can be the best person who can tell you about the watch age accurately and perfectly. All necessary assistances can be received from the dealer including manufacturing date. But finding out such a dealer can be quite hectic at times, and thus you can take the help of online surfing in this regard.
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  • The engraving pattern of serial-numbers in case-back is also very much helpful in this regard, and you can surely follow the same. Roman numerals can clearly indicate the age. You can also follow the print-pattern of ROLEX letters as one of the most potential tips for detecting the age.

If you love to collect collectibles in the form of oldest Rolex watches, then you can follow the above strategies for finding out the watch age. Watch age can also be known from the updated watch review.